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“Excellence is an understatement.” Our goal is simple, we inspire those that have an idea to bring it to life.
We build, brand and market your ideas. We do not take credit for your idea, we make it come to life.
The beginning of time

We started our adventure in 2015, working in the medical industry. Helping local businesses¬†and being involved in mostly Pro Bono work. We design websites for dental offices and created marketing strategies for each client. Our work had evolved and we became a recognizable brand in 2016 among medical practitioners in Canada’s Capital city Ottawa, ON.

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Dr. Duc Vo
Queensbury Dental Care Centre
C.E.O & Doctor

Since the first day we opened, we knew we had to have a marketing plan. We get emails and calls daily about online marketing, but the knowledge and practicality of amSmart’s methods proved to beat our competitors. Every industry is becoming more and more saturated yet we remain at first place geolocally and have expanded our reach across the city. AmSmart has been exceptional in providing patients to our practice.

amSmart Rating
Sam E.
Clear Drafting

Our project was handled professionally and organized. It’s amazing how they pay attention to detail in branding. This was a great learning experience and we were extremely fortunate to have the team at amSmart work with us.

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